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Here you can find some useful resources that will help you in your English learning journey. Feel free to download our Lesson Plans, and don’t forget to bookmark this page – we regularly add more materials here. You can also book a¬†FREE English Class online and discuss your aims and goals with a qualified British teacher.

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FREE English lesson plans

General English


English Lesson Plans for Elementary and Lower Intermediate levels:

“Ready to travel”


“In the future”

“Password advice”


English Lesson Plans for Intermediate and Advanced levels:


“Truth and lies”


“Optimism and pessimism”

“Patience and waiting “

“The future of the world”

Business English


Business English Lesson Plans for Lower Intermediate level:

“Business Emails”

“Taking a break”



Business English Lesson Plans for Intermediate and Advanced levels:

“Remote Working”

“Career Crossroads”

“A cashless society”

“Exchanging information”

“Leadership and management”

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