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English speaking practice online

We all know how important English is nowadays – it’s in all aspects of life and especially in the business world. Understanding it well and speaking fluently is often found to be essential but we know that finding time to commit yourself to an English course can be a problem.


One of the biggest advantages of online Business English Conversation Practice lessons is that the classes can be taken at your office, at home or even over the phone! We know that it’s very difficult to commit to frequent lessons when you’re busy. However, consistency and practice are very important with mastering English Speaking and Listening skills, and with learning English online you can have lessons at any suitable time, and without interfering with your busy schedule.









Many of our new students come to us with questions such as: “How can I sound more friendly in meetings abroad or do small talk?”, “How can I negotiate a deal without any disputes?”, “How can I give instructions in an email without sounding rude?”, “How can I participate in a conference call with other countries and not offend anyone?”  It’s clear that learning Business English is not just about speaking English or knowing your job or industry, it’s about how to be successful in communicating your message, making connections with foreign businesses and keeping your colleagues and customers all over the world, happy.


And in order to do that, you need to learn the specific expressions and the differences between formal and informal English. Whatever your needs, our online English teachers can prepare a tailor-made Study Plan and cover any specific topics of our choice.  Our online Business English courses with native British teachers cover key skills such as Job Interview Preparation, Job-Related Business English, General Business English, English for Negotiations and Presentations, Business English Writing Skills, English for Telephoning, English for Emails, English for Socialising, Diplomatic and Polite English, and also Business English Proofreading. Need to improve your work-specific vocabulary? Check out our industry-related online English courses for work: Medical English, English for Banking and Finance, AccountingHospitality and Tourism, Bar and Restaurant StaffConstruction, Legal English and many more.


We also prepare students for internationally recognised Business English exams like BEC, BULATS, IELTS and TOEFL which help students secure jobs and get ahead in their careers.


You can contacts us any time and we’ll do our best to help you enhance your Business English Conversation skills and get up the career ladder.For more information about prices, homework, materials etc read here: Live Online English Lessons: How It Works



“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can.

There will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.”

~ Sarah Caldwell ~