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Whether you’re a Language Centre, Education Agent, Corporate Introducer,
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We strongly believe that great results come from great partnerships, and our Partners have always been at the heart of our success.


Why not get in touch and explore how you can not only expand your existing services to online English Conversation Classes
with CELTA qualified native British teachers, but also earn commission.

As an official Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre, and also the only English Language School in the UK with live online English courses accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Standards office, we can certainly guarantee the highest quality of teaching. Our CELTA qualified native British teachers will offer you their unique expertise combined with the vast experience of working with a worldwide audience, as well as an exceptional level of service.

If you prefer to offer online English courses to your clients under your brand name, you can apply to become our White Label Partner. You’ll be provided with a fully functional website (e.g. www.yourbrandname.online-english-school.com) with your logo, and you can promote it as a part of your own business. Your branded website’s registered users will have access to all information about English courses (all as listed on our homepage thewhiteapple.com but with your branding) with the prices previously arranged with you. Download a detailed presentation here

As a Trusted Partner, you can offer our courses to your clients and promote our collaboration with our Online English School retaining its original brand identity – (The White Apple). Your clients will register on our Virtual Online Platform and have full access to lesson materials and course details. Trusted Partners usually accept and process payments from their clients themselves, and make payments to us at a reduced cost, making income on all referrals.

Do you run a classroom-based Language School? Do you want a branded Virtual Classroom integrated in your website, but think its too costly or time consuming to customise? We can help you save time and money, and provide you with a tried-and-tested, teacher-led real time Virtual Classroom, combined with LMS (a Learning Management System), fully integrated in your website and customised to your needs, with advanced functionalities between presenter (teacher) and attendees (students). Want to know more? Download our LMS and Virtual Classroom presentation and get in touch if you’d like to discuss further.

Sales Managers wanted  

(flexible hours; commission only – from GBP 450.00 per sale)

Are you confident and articulate? Could you sell snow to an Eskimo? Or honey to the bees? Do you love selling? 

If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, we want to hear from you. We are an established e-learning provider and we‘re looking for passionate Sales Managers (self-employed). This is a very flexible technology Sales role, and it’s perfect for those looking to manage their own hours, with the possibility of growing their own network of agents and earning extra commission.


A high quality Learning Management System platform with a teacher-led real time Virtual Classroom, fully integrated in the Client’s website and customised to their needs, with advanced functionalities between presenter (teacher) and attendees (students).


– Worldwide

– Classroom-based Language Schools and Training Providers wanting to expand online and provide live online classes to individuals and groups, under their own brand name

Click here for more information and how to apply.

with an English Language School in Andujar, Spain  – for the provision of live online Trinity Exam preparation classes

with an English Language School in Nanjing, China – online one-to-one and group classes for young children

with a Russian School (Moscow) – for Telebridges, Mock Exams, Poetry Contests and English classes in groups

with a Belorussian University (Minsk) – for the provision of live online Professional Development courses for non-native English teachers, and Business English courses for adults

with a Language Centre in Ukraine – for Conversational English lessons for children, Business English courses and Cambridge exam preparation

with a Language Centre in Sri Lanka – for group lessons for children and young adults

with an Education Consultancy company in Dubai – for the provision of IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation courses and Business English courses

with a recruitment agency in Romania – for English for Carers and Medical English courses, and also for IELTS exam preparation

with a Business Training provider in Poland – for Job Interview Preparation courses

with a Cambridge English Centre/English Language School in Japan – for IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation courses

with an Education Consultancy company in India – for IELTS/TEFL exam preparation courses

with an Education Centre in Thailand (charity) for A1 English courses for 100+ orphans aged 6 y.o. to 17 y.o.

with an Education Consultancy organisation in China – for the provision of IELTS/TEFL preparation courses

with a Logistics Company in Moscow – for General and Business English and English for Negotiations and Presentations courses

with a Corporate Introducer in London – for the provision of professional industry-related English courses

with a retail chain in the UK – for the provision of Customer Service English courses

with a Call Centre in the UK – for English for Telephoning and English for Customer Service courses

with a construction company in London – for English for Construction and English for Health and Safety courses

Working together collaboratively can result in greater accomplishments: UK-based English Language Schools can increase their ROI by continuing their relationship with the students after their face-to-face course in the UK; Agents/Introducers can earn on their business contacts in Corporate training or EFL sectors.

There are many other advantages of collaborating with our School:

– it offers you a unique opportunity to grow your business and utilise the flexibility that comes with the provision of qualified English language training over the Internet

– you can scale up your business quickly and efficiently, increase your revenue without major upfront investments, and with access to resources that would otherwise be beyond the scope of your own business

– adding live online English courses with native speakers to your services will strengthen what you currently offer to your existing clients. It will also help you win new business due to wider geographical reach and access to new markets in Corporate English training, IELTS/Cambridge exam preparation, English for Young Learners etc.

We are deeply committed to our Partners and have all the necessary tools to help you grow. With our high student satisfaction rate, bespoke courses and tailored support, your success is our success.

If you are interested in expanding, strengthening your brand and also benefiting from our high level of support and guidance,
we’d be very happy to hear from you.

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