Online Course English for Human Resources

Minimum entry level: Elementary

English for Human Resources course description

This live online English for Human Resources course is a perfect solution for Human Resources professionals wanting to learn the common job-related English terms and expressions. Our online English teachers will provide you with a framework for communicating in recruitment, appraisals, Health and Safety and staff development. You will learn English for writing job advertisements and contracts, handling meetings and interviews, conflict resolution and provision of effective learning strategies for the future.


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English for Human Resources course outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

– Develop your ability to communicate using HR terminology in English
– Improve your skills in conducting job interviews and recruitment in English
– Improve your skills in conducting Staff Appraisals
– Develop your understanding of the language associated with Financing and Human Resources
– Improve your understanding of all HR processes
– Advance your English Speaking and Business Writing skills


English for Human Resources course sample syllabus

– Recruitment
– Training, motivation and rewards
– Redundancies and settlements
– Organisation and leadership
– Financing personnel
– Insurance and pensions
– Managing change
– Social welfare
– Labour law
– National and international labour market
– Internationalisation of work practices
– Effective communication skills for meetings and negotiations
– Effective telephoning skills
– Hosting visits, socialising, meeting and greeting
– Persuading and compromising
– Written communication including email, reports and formal letters
– Making proposals, offers, suggestions
– Professional hospitality


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