Online Business English Writing Skills course

Minimum entry level: Elementary

Online Business English Writing Skills course description

Our live online Business English Writing Skills course with a qualified native English teacher will help you improve and develop your accuracy and effectiveness when writing emails, reports, presentations and other documents in English.
This is a practical course where using a stimulating interactive approach, you will look closely at the different types of modern-day business correspondence.


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Online Business English Writing Skills course outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

– Write business emails
– Write an executive summary
– Adapt content to purpose, context and audience
– Use appropriate style and tone of writing for business purposes
– Write clear concise reports and proposals
– Be able to give presentations using effective bullet points and headlining
– Know how to be ‘punchy’ and persuasive with language


Business English Writing Skills course sample syllabus

– Formal and informal emails. Writing and replying to enquiries
– Requesting action. Talking about deadlines. Common verb-noun phrases
– Exchanging information: informing and replying. Colloquial phrases and contractions
– Making and confirming arrangements. Prepositions of time. Apologising
– Polite and diplomatic English


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