Online Lessons British Lifestyle and Traditions

Minimum entry level: Intermediate

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Online course “British Lifestyle and Traditions” with a qualified British teacher is specifically designed for people who are interested in finding out more about British culture. Your online teacher will introduce you to British history, traditions and some interesting British traits, all to help make you understand the country and its people better.



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British Lifestyle and Traditions: course outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

– Talk about British culture and traditions
– Understand the geography of Britain and the cultural diversity within the country
– Understand some cultural Do’s and Don’t’s
– Learn what questions are considered to be rude


British Lifestyle and Traditions course: sample syllabus

Your course will cover many different topics including:

– British traditions; Holidays; Occasions; Superstitions
– Leisure; In the Pub; Media; Shopping and Consumerism
– Living in the UK Do’s and Don’t’s; Religions; National Stereotypes; Immigration
– Education; Employment; Law; Healthcare; Marriage
– Countries; Regions; Geography; The Monarchy
– Attitudes in Britain; Food in Britain; What’s Politically incorrect
– What’s Taboo; Taboo Conversations; Telephone Conversations: Do’s and Don’ts
– Food and Drink in General; In Town (Shops and Buildings); Money; Work Duties, Conditions and Pay
You can also request any specific topics from the test preparation book “Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship”