“English for Children” online lessons

Minimum entry level: Beginner

“English for Children” online lessons with qualified British teachers 

Your child will learn English in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with a native English teacher specialised in working with Young Learners. The emphasis in this English for Children online course is placed on Speaking and Listening skills, whereas basic grammar is learnt intuitively. More advanced vocabulary is progressively introduced, based on age-appropriate teaching materials and games. Reading and writing exercises are added to the course according to the child’s age and level. You’ll be amazed at how quickly, with the English teacher’s support and encouragement, your child will be able to hold a simple conversation in English and understand short stories!




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“English for Children” online course outcomes

By the end of the course your child will be able to:
– Introduce themselves and talk about their likes and dislikes
– Read and understand simple texts and storybooks
– Understand phonics and develop correct pronunciation
– Learn the basics of grammar such as tenses, adjectives, nouns and adverbs
– Clearly understand native speakers as well as videos and songs in English
– Communicate using common vocabulary


Sample syllabus:

– The world we live in
– What’s the weather like?
– Eating and drinking
– What are you doing today?
– In the home
– Free time
– At the doctor’s
– Things we use or wear
– Describing people and things
– Telling the time
– What is this made from?
– Special days


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