General English C2 online lessons

Minimum entry level: Intermediate

Online lessons with a qualified British teacher: General English C2 level

Our General English C2 online course with a qualified native English teacher is for people with a high Advanced level of English (mastery) who wish to make progress in the language. Typical learners at C2 level are able to use the language to a similar degree as an educated native speaker, and are able to use the language in a range of culturally appropriate ways.
The main focus of a C2 level course is therefore on lexical and pragmatic features, rather than grammatical features of the language.




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General English C2 online course outcomes:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

– When reading, writing, listening or speaking: analyse rhetorical situations so as to understand that different purposes and contexts call for different strategies, different conventions and different techniques
– Recognise and discuss propositions that can not be merely demonstrated: to analyse, evaluate, and argue matters of opinion and interpretation as well as to describe matters of fact
– Develop effective processes for writing in different contexts and to use a variety of strategies for discovering, developing and analysing data and ideas, for making sense, revising and editing


Sample syllabus:

Specialised lectures and presentations which use a high degree of colloquialism, regional usage or unfamiliar terminology

All forms of written language including abstract, structurally complex or highly colloquial literary and nonliterary writings

Idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms
Idioms and phrasal verbs
Word formation: suffix endings
Prepositional phrases
Phrases: nouns with related verbs
Abstract nouns
Pronunciation: contrastive clauses
Aspects of the future
Degrees of likelihood

Complex reports, articles that present a case or give critical appreciation of proposals / literary works


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