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Who's that girl?
Whose flowers are they? They're _____.
Where _____ go on Saturdays?
I like that shop. I _____ every week.
How often do you play tennis?
I feel very well because I went to bed early _____.
My brother was _____ all week.
James _____ play football tomorrow.
She asked him whether _____ his holiday or not.
"This" is _____ "that".
When _____ , give her this book.
Why is Bill so angry?
We _____ her since last summer.
I enjoyed _____ the dinner.
I'm going to give _____.
How would you like your steak?
How's the baby?
When we got to school, we _________ the bell.
My daughter is __________.
She was very generous __________ her efforts to save.
What are you going to do on your summer vacation?
He ____________ someone I knew in the army.
He aimed his gun __________ the target.
She _____ her engagement just before the wedding.
The lawyer will _____ the contract for you.
This door _________ when you open it. You must put some oil on the hinges.
He's not as honest as he ______.
He didn't ____ to walk.
I __________ travelling by bus.
Which would you _______ have, black or white?

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